Edward Hill of the Magi CCCXIV

Edward- Eladrin Wizard: Living

Edward’s Background:

Edward Hill CCCXIV of the Magi’s Background

Year 4228, March 14th: Edward is born to the Hills, one of the most rich and powerful families across the planes. He is born to Edward and Ellyn Hill. He is born in the Feywild. His birth present is an arcane familiar: a crafter homunculus the he names (at 4 months) Bob.

Year 4230: Edward, at the age of 2 (no more than 2) casts his first spell: magic missile.

Year 4232: by the age of 4, Edward has been to the Feywild, the General plane, Eberron, and the Forgotten Realms. He makes a good friend, Kelrond, while his parents are on a business trip at Cormyr.

Year 4238: Edward already shows immense intelligence and is taken into the Hill University—a very prestigious school—at the age of 10.

Year 4242: Edward Takes and aces the 12th year exit exam of the University and graduates. He proceeds to write his thesis on the number π (that he discovers) and receives his Ph.D. in Mathematics at age 15. He studies further and writes his next thesis on the Treemail™ device created by his family and gets a doctorate in Engineering/Technology at age 16. In the year 4245, he gets another doctorate degree in Magical Studies for his work in engineering more efficient ways to cast his favorite spell, magic missile.

Year 4246: Edward departs to Cormyr to try to get a job there. He meets up with his best friend Kelrond, who helps him get a job as a PostDoc to a professor in magic and math at Cormyr. He becomes a fast friend of this professor.

Year 4248: After being a PostDoc for Professor Fisselbaum, the absent-minded gnome, for 2 years, Edward becomes a full professor in math and magic at the age of 20.

Year 4250: From hanging out in Cormyr with Kelrond for a long time, Edward contracts the Spellplague from his friend. He is very sick for a couple of months, but his immune system combats the plague very well. He remains a carrier of the Spell Plague, but its symptoms don’t show up often.

Year 4252: Edward comes up with amazing research, and his students turn out to be some of the best mages and mathematicians. He is advanced to president of the board of education in, both math and physics at Cormyr University. He is the coach of the Math Team, the head of the Magic Club, and the president of the Nerd Club.

Year 4243: Sturm Brightblade sets up his campaign against the Mages of the Realms. His slogan is, “Mages are chickens; shove the wizards up their gizzards!” He goes into a political battle against the Hill University and many other schools of magic. Edward fights back, making great speeches defending magic itself from Sturm’s ignorant and idiotic cause.

Year 4254: Edward is appointed to the position of High Mage of Cormyr, and chooses Professor Fisselbaum as his Secondary High Mage.

Year 4254: His best friend, Kelrond, has taken on the profession of an adventurer as a swordmage. Edward decides that sounds fun, so he writes a spellbook of War Magic, and sets off to adventure in the general plane. He is on unpaid leave as a professor, but still teleconferences in and fills out his duties as Head of the Board of Education. He does what he can as High Mage of Cormyr, but Fisselbaum does what he can’t do.

Year 4254: Edward ventures out, looking for adventure. He joins several adventuring groups, but none of them have the right feel; the right element of crazy randomness that he craves as an adventurer. He puts up signs across different towns telling that he needs a “crazy adventuring group” that can take him places and help him experience the thrill of life. He finally finds the party.

Quest Hooks:

Edward wants to return to Cormyr and check in on how all of his acquaintances are doing. Maybe something could be wrong that requires his attention. He wants to meet up with Kelrond again. Maybe his friend could be in trouble and need help. Edward’s parents sometimes want some extra hands on their travels. He and the group could assist them in a time of need. Sturm Brightblade’s campaign against magic irritates Edward. He wants to get back at the knight.


Scroll of Arcane Chaos

Properties, Powers, and Concordance: Unknown

Edward Hill of the Magi CCCXIV

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