*Finnudun- Wilden Battlemind: Living

Finnadun’s Background: *

Finnadun was evacuated from Cendriane in the Feywild with all other children in that city right before a terrible, bloody battle between drow and their dragon allies and eladrin was waged there, the battle that eventually destroyed Cendriane. The children were shunted through a portal to the Natural World, where the oldest promptly set up a camp known as the Vengeance Forces that fought drow and dragons for 20 years. The three oldest “children” and leaders of the Vengeance Forces were Amesia, the eldest, an eladrin who dealt with civil services (rationing, health care, etc.) in the community, Bellarine, the second oldest, another eladrin, who was responsible for the defense of the camp, and Astronos, the third oldest eladrin who was in charge of offense and planning the raids the Vengeance Forces were known for. Other NPCs Finnadun knew included-

Aberneth- an eladrin that originally was in charge of Finnadun and carried him from the Feywild, now Finnadun’s friend and a cook in the camp.

Arano- a wilden, Finnadun’s rival and in Finnadun’s scouting group.

Ralnorheiath- a gnome slightly older than Finnadun and Finnadun’s friend.

Alraic- a wilden-elf that was Finnaduns’s friend.

Alereen- a wilden that Finnadun had a crush on, in the striker’s group.
Finnadun was in the Scouting Group, one of the most elite of the different groups making up Vengeance Forces’s military. He trained with the sword. However, Arano and Finnadun always endangered the rest of the group with their frequent arguing and fighting. One day, another attack was planned- to kill the ancient white dragon Rime. This was a difficult task not attempted before, but the leaders of the Forces were confident they’d succeed. Bellarine and Astronos lead the assault. Finnadun, being part of the scouting group, was sent into Rime’s cave complex and find a good ambush site. However, Rime discovered the intruder and captured him. She was going to eat him, but the wilden made a deal with her. He would be allowed to live if he betrayed all of the other fey to Rime, sending them into a trap. Rime agreed and Finnadun fufilled his part of the bargain. He watched helplessly from a hidden alcove as Rime destroyed Astronos, Bellarine, Alraic, Alreen, and many others. Satisfied, Rime made Finnadun her agent in the world, giving him a magic Token of Rime, an amulet with a snowflake. Finnadun cannot take it off. It marks him as Rime’s minion and gives Finnadun a +2 bonus to Bluff and Intimidate versus dragons. Finnadun returned to the camp only to find that it had been destroyed by a drow raiding party while the bulk of its forces were away. Distraught, Finnadun left the camp and roamed aimlessly for a while, eventually making his way to the Feywild and Mithrendain, where he met the party and joined them.


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