Kamos the Red

Kamos- Tiefling Warlock: Living

*Kamos’s Background: *
Kamos was a powerful devil, the son of the foremost of the three houses of Bael Turath (Jorhana) and Asmodeus himself. During the Blood War I, he led the forces of the 10th Hell, Spithakra, the hell of darkness and disease, which was the hell nearest to the realms of Lolth and Zehir. After fighting his way down to the Crystal of Tharizdun, the seed of the Abyss, Kamos touched it. Immediately, the tenth hell was blasted from existence, and he was trapped inside it until the beginning of the Blood War IV, in which Kamos, now a tiefling, planned to recover the tenth hell and lead its forces to destroy the Abyss.

Trapped eternally long,

Born of godly blood,

The ruler of disease,

Shall gather the forces,

Of the depths of darkness,

And obliterate chaos’ legacy.

After being released from the Crystal, he found a Buddhist invoker, traveled with him, and, eventually, met their companions.

Kamos the Red

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