Mar’dek- Lightning Draconian Cleric: Living

*Mar’dek’s Background: *

Mar’dek’s Character Background

As of all Noble Draconians, I was turned in a ritual while I was still an egg. I emerged from my shell with the appearance of a fully developed adult lightning draconian. I never had any family- I was kidnapped and left for dead when the ritual casters realized Noble Draconians were good. I have never known my parents.

I grew up alone, completely independent, having to forage for food every day. After several years I decided it was time for a change and I trekked off in a random direction to see where fate would take me. As luck would have it, I found myself in front of towering city walls within a week. Seeing as I posed no real threat, I was let in by the city guards. Having no real place to go, I resorted to staying at the local inn, which I paid for by doing odd jobs around the town, most of which required strength of some sorts.

I was new to the town, and I found it a tad strange. One can hardly blame me- I was an outcast of society for years; how was I supposed to know how the city worked? My first days were marked by mistakes and embarrassments- especially the noodle incident. I’ll never forget the noodle incident. Soon enough I got used to the ways of urban life.

One day I fell ill with a draconic plague. The disease was something completely unheard of in our city, and the doctors could only help the pain a bit. Then a strange man came to our town and stopped most of the disease. However, it still lay dormant in my body and could strike again at any time. I enrolled in a clerical school. Years later I had graduated as a full-fledged cleric. However, the disease within me distressed me, and so I set out to find a cure. I made more money as a cleric, and life was good. Then one day, that all changed.

I just had come back from outside the city helping a dying client. The city…it had been burned to the ground. By whom I had no idea. There were no survivors…everyone had been burned to a crisp. Everyone I knew was gone. I noticed on the ground next to me was a striking blue scale. It was unmarked; not a single scratch existed on its surface. I took it, being the only thing I had to remember the old town. It was not until weeks later that I realized the scale’s color matched mine- and yet it wasn’t. It was huge; perhaps three times the size of my own scales.

I went on with my life, finding another town to settle in. Again I stayed at the local inn, making my living as a part-time healer. There were always those who looked at me strangely because of my race, and especially since blue dragons were supposed to be evil. This wasn’t helped by the fact that almost no one had heard of lightning draconian, and so I had a bit of a social problem with some. This was taken to extremes one time. I was strolling through town when a man came out of nowhere and attacked me. I was knocked out for a while. The man was apprehended, but I was intent on making sure no one did that to me again. This spurred me to take combat classes, and I became skilled with a mace.

I made many friends during my time in the city. One of my best friends I met at the pub. His name was Cru Littner. We got to chatting and became good friends. When he needed help, he came straight to me. I was able to help him with his problem (some rogues making trouble in his part of the neighborhood) and we have remained steadfast in our friendship ever since. He pops up sometimes, asking for advice or help.

I had little enemies, though that’s not to say I had none. One of my clients was the daughter of a rich adventurer and lord. She was deathly ill, and try as I might, I was unable to save her. She died in agony. Her father blamed me for it, shouting curses aplenty, accusing me of not living up to my reputation, and swearing revenge. I told him there was nothing I could do, but that made him angrier. He stormed off into the night, and I seldom see him now. When I do, it does not bode well for either of us. His reputation lends weight to his words, and being an adventurer, he has plenty of combat experience. Just let it be said that I would rather not see him again.

One day, I bumped into an old man. It was night and I was taking a brisk walk to clear my mind. A man stumbled out of nowhere, hobbling along the dimly lit path, and coming to a stop at a tree, falling down in exhaustion. I went over and inquired about his health, and he informed me he was about to die. It was then I noticed his bloodstained clothes. I offered him aid, but he refused it, saying the time for him to die had long passed. He handed me a parcel and told me to give it to a swordsmith by the name of Rickhul Carter. With that said and done, the man passed. The next day I asked around about the old man and Rickhul, but no one seemed to know either of them. I gave the old man a quiet burial.

Time passed and I did not find Rickhul. I left the parcel undisturbed for the chance that I would someday meet him. One day, I went down to the town pub and inn for a drink. I was growing bored of city life. Things were growing dull. As I drank my ale, the door burst open and a crowd of rowdy adventurers came in and sat down at a table, ordering a quantity of drinks that would cripple even a band of dwarves. Within minutes their table was crowded with civilians eager to hear tales of adventure. I hung back, sipping my ale quietly. Then one of the civilians insulted one of the adventurers, and the situation dissolved into a bar fight within minutes. I could only get to cover to avoid a concussion at the hands of a glass bottle.

After the fight, I was the only one who had any way of patching up anyone at all, so I had my hands quite full. Seeing this, one of the adventurers invited me into their band, seeing as they had no healer after their previous one stormed off after having some personal issues with the party. Of course I accepted their offer! In my current state of mind, I would have been a fool not to. I sorted out my affairs (really there were few, since I practically lived at the inn and had little to call my own) and we left the next day after a stay at the inn. And thus a new chapter of my life began to unfold…


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