Bladelings: Chaotic creatures living in the Elemental Chaos, Bladelings are usually employed as mercenaries or guards by efreets from the City of Brass.

Changelings: Changelings are very rarely seen in natural form, so it is hard to say how numerous or widespread they are. They do appear to gravitate toward larger cities, where strange acts of polymorph are more likely to go unnoticed.

Devas: Devas, once angels, are incredibly rare— the number of devas never change, but there are only a few tens of thousands of them in the entire universe. Most live in either the Astral Sea or the Natural World. They have no known cities to call their own, but there is a large deva army in the city of Jannith-al Ieramarr.

Dhamphyr: Created hundreds of years ago when agents of Vecna and Orcus worked together to assault the Shining Spire, a powerful fortress devoted to Pelor, dhamphyr were the result of a powerful ritual the three Vampire Emperors created, turning most of the Shining Spire’s inhabitants into dhamphyr-half human, half vampire.

Draconians: Created by the result of corrupting dragon eggs in an eldritch ritual, draconians used to be almost universally reviled. Now, some people are becoming aware of Noble Draconains and somewhat hesitatingly tolerating them. Metallic Draconians are much more common, especially in the Natural World, and are still hated.

Dragonborn: Most dragonborn live in the Natural World. Their last empire was Arkhosia, as the Dracon Dynasty’s forces were generally comprised of draconians. Arkhosia and its dragonborn were bitter enemies of the tieflings of Bael Turath, and this resentment and anger continues today.

Drow: Drow were pushed out of the Feywild during the brutal Kinslayer Wars along with the elves. Unlike the elves, they retreated farther, into the Underdark, and forged pacts with Lolth to gain dark powers. There they have remained since, the various houses warring against each other, and sometimes launching raids in the Natural World and the Feywild, which they are determined to conquer.

Dwarves: Dwarves were freed from slavery to the giants almost two thousand years ago, and in that time, mighty dwarven kingdoms have rose and fallen. For the last six hundred years, dwarves have had no area to call their own, and lived in small dwarven settlements in the mountains or in human communities. However, recently, the dwarven kingdom of Dorenheim was founded, a small region that is rapidly expanding into a powerful dwarven empire in the eastern Natural World, in the Bronze Mountains.

Efreets: Efreets rule and live in the City of Brass in the Elemental Chaos. The City, ruled by Bashamgurda, is very organized and militaristic, like Efreets themselves.

Eladrin: Eladrin, victorious in the Kinslayer Wars, live in the Feywild still, in their massive cities and beautiful forests. They are eager practitioners of magic, and a small number of them have migrated out of the Feywild into the Natural World to study at arcane academies, or just to adventure.

Elves: Elves were forced out of the Feywild with the drow in the Kinslayer Wars that occured over a thousand years ago. After that time, new proclamations were issued from the eladrin of the Feywild, allowing elves to return, and some have gradually made their way back. Most, however, live alongside humans in the Natural World.

Genasi: Genasi were born from the Elemental Chaos when a powerful slumbering primordial stirred slightly. It wasn’t powerful enough to fully awaken, yet it sent a new chaotic race of elementals into the world in its stead. However, Genasi are not necessarily evil, they just manifests elements of chaos. Some Genasi are found in the Natural World but most have stayed in the Elemental Chaos.

Githyanki: Githyanki are the pirates of the Astral Sea. Occasionally, they dock in Natural World ports in between forays in the Sea, but they are more commonly seen in Astral Sea bastions and fortresses. They bear a special enmity for the Githzerai, which is reciprocated.

Githzerai: Some githzerai, after being freed from the mind flayers, adventured to the natural world, but most remained in the elemental chaos, setting up monasteries and villages for quiet reflection and meditation.

Goliaths: Another rare race, goliaths keep to the mountains in small villages. Usually, the only other race they have contact with are dwarves, whom they frequently trade with.

Gnolls: Having lived in the foul swamps of the Natural World and Feywild for as long as anyone can remember, the gnolls were largely left alone and left everyone alone—until now. Rumors suggest that a new gnoll shaman has been granted incredibly powerful magic by Yeenohgu, and is creating an army set on conquering the southeastern part of the Natural World.

Gnomes: The reclusive gnomes mainly live in the Feywild, in small, hidden communities. A small few travel to the Natural World.

Half-Elves: Half-elves usually gravitate toward human culture and cities in the Natural World. Some journey into the forests to stay with elfish clans. A rare few half-elves instead travel to the Feywild to mingle with eladrin.

Halflings:Halflings are nearly as common of humans. They have no societies or kingdoms to call their own, instead many halflings integrate themselves into human and other cities. Their natural stealth and agility inspires them to lead many thieves guilds.

Half-Orcs: Half-human, half-orc, savage Half-Orc tribes populate the Natural World. The biggest congregation is the Tribe of the Golden Dragon, curiously living in tunnels beneath the Middle Lands. Half-Orcs are often hired as bodyguards and mercenaries.

Hobgoblins: The hobgoblin kingdom of Grashh was destroyed hundreds of years ago, but the hobgoblin’s controlling and leading nature lead them to set up smaller cities and fortresses of goblinoids since then.

Humans: Humans are the most numerous of all the races, populating much of the Natural World and parts of the other planes. The last great human empire was many years ago; Nerath. However several different moderately powerful human kingdoms and organizations have sprung up since them, including the SPS (Society for Promotion of Slavery), CTS (Central Trade Society), and the cities of Reen, Kerune, Jannith-al Ieramarr, and Forhal.

Kalashtar: Kalashtar are another rare phenomena. The original Kalashtar were, along with the devas, once angels that the gods sent down to govern the Natural World. However, these angels interbred with human aesthetic/monks, becoming Kalashtar, more human-like than the deva.

Minotaur: Minotaur very recently emerged from a civil war that finally changed their barbaric ways. Now, they are a thriving race living on the islands of Mithas and Kothas. Their economy is flourishing, and trade and travel is starting to open up with the mainland and other races. They have conquered many islands of the Reenian Ocean, including Darthas and Shanthas.

Mul: Half-dwarf, half-human, Mul are strong, tough, hardy races that are all too often slaves, minions, and fodder. Mul are rare but highly prized as bodyguards and gladiators. Dorenheim is currently attempting to gather all wandering Mul adventurers into an elite fighting force, and are also breeding them.

Revenants: Servants of the Raven Queen in the world, revenants have recently grown more numerous as problems in the Natural World have increased. Usually revenants can be found near temples of undeath to Orcus or Vecna, working diligently to counteract cultist’s well-laid plans.

Shadar-kai: Dark disciples of the Raven Queen, Shadar-kai are usually drawn to cold climates. Many live in Gloomwrought, and there are rumors of a shadar-kai village in the far north of the Natural World.

Shades: Shades are humans that have forged a rare connection with the Shadowfell, trading part of their souls away. These dark creatures haunt large cities, working in assassin and thieves guilds. Others wander from place to place aimlessly, masking their true identity with magic or intricate disguises.

Shardmind: Shardmind were created to combat the Far Realm’s influence, and, as such, searching for it, they traveled all over the planes. The majority of them can be found in the Natural World, however.

Shifters: Shifters originated in the Feywild, but since then, a large number traveled to the Natural World. There are two factions of shifters in the Feywild, split into Razorclaw and Longtooth shifters. The factions are by no means enemies, and frequently trade and exchange information. These factions suffered a heavy blow when both of their leaders, Parakeest and Daradost, archfey, were killed in the most recent drow invasion of the Feywild.

Thri-Kreen: Thri-Kreen are another rare race. They frequent deserts, and the only large grouping of Thri-Kreen is in the Endless, or Fal’keer, Desert. Here, four Thri-Kreen tribes engage in Gatherings, treaties, alliances, and wage war on each other as well as nearby Jannith-al Ieramarr.

Tielfings: The most recent tiefling empire, Bael Turath, fell thousands of years ago, but tieflings still cling on to its memories. Many start small communities such as Bael Horath, Bael Kintath, and Bael Rulath, revering their Turathian ancestors and worshiping Asmodeus. Some tieflings live in the Nine Hells.

Vryloka: Centuries ago, the noble families of a fallen kingdom, the Vrylokas, approached a mysterious figure known as the Red Witch in an attempt to gain immortality. She invoked a powerful blood-bonding ritual that turned these nobles into living vampires—Vrylokas. Nowadays, Vrylokas are extremely rare, but they are seen occasionally, usually inhabiting old towers, keeps, or fortresses in the Natural World. Tales speak of a mysterious Vryloka community in Shom, the White Desert.

Warforged: Very few warforged exist. They were originally created by giants, but, when the dwarves escaped from slavery, they took the secrets of warforged creation with them. All the warforged currently existing at that time were then freed and have scattered all over the world. Dwarves sparingly create warforged to guard their mines and tunnels, and now, with the appearance of Dorenheim, warforged are being created in greater numbers.

Wilden: Wilden are a very recent race, created just four hundred years ago in the Feywild, also to fight the Far Realm. They do so, but, unlike the shardmind, mainly stay in the Feywild, where they can be found in small settlements. They haven’t reached very high numbers yet; there are only about three or four thousand.


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